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Towbars: Towbar Makes

Westfalia Automotive

While Westfalia has been producing towbars in Germany since 1932, until recently Westfalia has only been available in the UK as genuine original equipment on vehicles such as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen. In the last few years the company has moved into the UK aftermarket, and has now set up a UK warehouse located south of Birmingham.

Westfalia's leading product is the class leading automatic detachable systems, however they also produce a wide range of swanneck towbars and a growing range of flange towbars.

They have recently introduced the compact automatic system for smaller cars.

Westfalia had recently expanded by purchasing SIARR of France and Monoflex of Scandavinia making them the leading towbar company in Europe.


Tow-Trust Towbars

Tow-Trust is the fastest growing UK towbar manufacture today. Based in Warwickshire they produce an ever widening range of flange towbars. They have recently launched their own range of detachable flange towbars as an alternative to detachable swanneck towbars normally available from other manufacturers.

Using only British high quality steel they produce some of the best designed and jigged towbars available. There investment in the production and type approval testing processes means that we are able to offer these premium towbars at the right price. And for the majority of vehicles the Tow-Trust is our recommended two-bolt flange towbar.


Witter Towbar Systems

Witter is the best known towbar brand in the UK. For many years they were based in Chester. In the 1990's they moved to modern headquarters on the outskirts of Chester in Deeside, North Wales.

Witter are best known for the production of the flange style of towbar, however Witter produce swanneck towbars and a wide range of detachable towbars using both the ADS system in their Quantum detachable system and the GDW system which they market as a Stowbar.


PCT Automotive

PCT Automotive is the second biggest UK towbar manufacture. Based in the steel city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire they list a very wide selection of flange towbars.

These new detachable towbars are called the "PCT Prestige", and the range is growing to include more vehicles.

PCT are the main importer of GDW towbars into the UK.



Bosal are perhaps best known for their exhaust systems which are original equipment on many vehicles, however they are also one of the worlds biggest towbar companies. They produce flange, swanneck and swanneck detachable towbars, which are original equipment in many cases.

They have factories all over the world including Plant 21; the headquarters of Bosal UK Ltd in Lancashire. In recent year Bosal has expanded by purchasing Oris and Autoflex. (Catalogue website).


Thule Towing Systems/Brink

Brink where until recently Europe's biggest towbar manufacturer with a wide range of flange, swanneck and detachable towbars including the Brinkmatic range.

Brink have now been purchased by Thule and the Brink name is being dropped, all new towbar designs will be branded just as Thule.



The Industrial Company of the Attachments Rene Renault or SIARR, is a well established towbar company in France producing both swanneck and flange towbars.

Many of there towbars where type approved by their then sister company Eurobars in the UK. Now that Westfalia has purchased SIARR a limited number are available through Westfalia as well as through Eurobars in the UK.

SIARR is the only company that produces a towbar for the Volkswagen Golf Hatch Mark 5 which does not require a bumper cut.
(Website in English through Google - may take a few seconds to load)



Eurobars are based in Peterborough and until recently where a sister company to SIARR. They contuine to sell a full range of SIARR flange and swanneck towbars including the VW Golf Hatch Mark 5 with no bumper cut.



Monoflex are based in Sweden producing both swanneck and detachable swanneck towbars.

Monoflex is now owned by Westfalia and a selection of Monoflex bars are now available from Westfalia in Germany.



EECO are one of the oldest UK based towbar manufacturers. They have been making for all types of car since the early 70's.

From West Yorkshire EECO were carrying out strength tests on towbars and advising car manufacturers about towing stresses on body shells over 30 years ago.


York Towbars

York had a history of providing premium strength towbars, and were fitting all towbars to the manufacuters specified mounting points long before EC type approval made it the norm. We still have a few York brackets available for sale.

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