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Towbars: Detachable Towbars

Detachable towbars sales growi in popularity year after year. They offer the best of both worlds: a car with a towbar when towing and a car without when not!

Untill recently 99.9% of detachable towbars have been detachable swanneck towbars, however Tow-Trust Towbars has introduced a range of flange detachable towbars, providing the versatility of both the flange and detachable systems. Witter Towing Systems have followed this lead and have launched a flange detachable towbar called "FlexTow".

They are also useful for cars fitted with reversing sensors (also know as PDC or parking distance control). This is because often with a flange or swanneck fixed in position they would be picked up by the sensors when not towing.

The design of the detachable towbar will vary depending on the towbar manufacturers and the vehicle it is fitting to. Some detachable towbars will have a non-visible bumper cut with the electrics on a swivel plate, while others may just show the electrics or a discrete module just visible below your bumper (if you look hard enough). We will be able to give advice on the best detachable for your vehicle.

We are able to offer you different alternatives from Westfalia Automotive, Tow-Trust Towbars, Witter Towbar Systems, PCT Automotive, Bosal, Thule Towing Systems (including Brink), GDW Towbars and Monoflex.

All swanneck detachable (not flange detachable) towbars come with the towball as standard as the ball is part of the neck these are designed to the make and model of vehicle.

An example of a automatic horizontal swanneck detachable towbar from Bosal

An example of a class leading automatic vertical swanneck detachable towbar from Westfalia
  The neck is removed when not in use to give a cleaner look to the vehicle   On some towbars a 13 Pin electrical socket may have to be fitted to ensure swing plate works
  On detachable swanneck towbars AL-KO type stabilisers can be used with out a special AL-KO or long reach ball   Detachable swanneck towbars cause problems with the use of cycle carrier plate or a stabiliser plate
  Electrical sockets mounted on the main bar to provide a better look   With detachable swanneck towbars different type of coupling can not be used, such as a pin, ball and jaw. Bumper protector plate also can't be used

An example of a semi-automatic horizontal flange detachable flange towbar neck from Tow-Trust
Horizontal Detachable Towbars

A horizontal detachable towbars is a towbar where the neck is pushed straight towards the vehicle and into the module in the fixed part of the main towbar. Many older automatic and all semi-automatic detachable towbars are horizontal. On newer vehicles a vertical detachable is usually lly designed unless the design of the vehicle only leaves room for a horizontal.

The advantage of this system is that when connecting the detachable neck the module is usually visible.

An example of a automatic horizontal swanneck detachable towbar neck and module (which is fixed to the rest of the towbar) from ACS
Vertical Detachable Towbars

Vertical detachable towbars have the module of the permanently fixed towbar pointing downwards. This is normally hidden behind the bumper of the vehicle, this has the advantage that the fixed part of the towbar (including the module) is in many cases hidden from view. In many vehicles this ensures that when the detachable neck is removed no part of the towbar is visible.

On older vehicles a vertical detachable may not have been designed and due to the age of vehicle and the amount of towbars likely to be know sold no new towbars would be designed for the vehicle.

Some new vehicles may have no room for the fitting of a vertical towbar or the specified towbar mounting points may not make this possible.

An example of a automatic vertical swanneck detachable towbar neck and module from ACS

Semi-Automatic Detachable Towbars

Semi-automatic detachable towbars require a pin to be inserted to secure them from the module (fixed to the main towbar).

GDW offer an excellent and reliable detachable system. Bosal produces a semi-automatic towbar called the "Eco-Fit" positioned below the automatic detachable range. Tow-Trust flange detachables are also semi-automatic detachables.

These systems provide a detachable towbar that can cost less to buy than an automatic detachable towbars.

An example of a semi-automatic horizontal swanneck detchable towbar from Bosal

Automatic Detachable Towbars

Automatic detachable towbars provide a quick release alternative. Many of these (but not all) provide a lock to ensure that the detachable neck can not be stolen. An automatic vertical detachable towbar is usually considered to the ideal detachable towbar, however this does depend on the vehicle.

An example of a automatic vertical detachable towbar from Bosal. This is a AK11 Bosal-Oris

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