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Electrics: Twin Electrics

Twin electrics (the second socket is a 12S socket) provides you with two 7 pin sockets at the rear of your vehicle. This allows you to tow any trailer or caravan as your entire road legal lighting (including reversing lights) are provided.

The grey or white 12S socket provides power to the caravan battery, fridge, interior light and reversing lights and is optional when towing a caravan.

Many people who only tow a caravan for a couple of hours and will then be pitching up at a caravan site with mains electricity opt to do without the 12S socket and just fit single electrics to their vehicle.

When fitting twin electrics, depending on your vehicle and caravan you may have the option of:

12N/12S 7 Pin twin electrical sockets

12S 7 pin electrical plug
Wiring Colours

Below are the recommended colours used in wiring a single 12S 7 pin electrical plug or socket. In 1998 (1999 model caravans) there was a change to the way in which the 12S plug on caravans was wired. We recommend that vehicles are wired as below to ensure that they are suitable for use with either pre to post 1999 model caravans.

Terminal Number 7 Core Wire Colour Universal Wiring suitable for all Caravans Caravan Models up to 1998 Caravans Models from 1999
1 Yellow Reversing Lights Reversing Lights Reversing Lights
2 Blue Battery Charger Supply Battery Charger Supply Not Used
3 White Earth to vehicle Earth to vehicle Earth to vehicle (for pin 4)
4 Green Caravan Power Supply  Interior Lights Caravan Power Supply
5 Brown Not Used Not Used Not Used
6 Red Fridge Supply Fridge Supply Fridge Supply
7 Black Earth to vehicle for fridge Not Used Earth to vehicle (for pin 6)

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